5 Big Ideas about the Future of PR: Employee Amplification, Budget-Neutral News and More

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Localization, personalization, and employee empowerment: Matt Trewin, General Manager – Retail & Media Communications, Telstra

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Vanessa is a freelance writer, researcher and editor with an overarching interest in communication and innovation. Vanessa's studies in liberal arts and commerce have inspired her passion for creating compelling content that investigates the interconnections between the past, present and future.

  • Lyndon

    Until we address the two key issues facing our industry – the retainer model and measurement – our industry will, in my opinion, continue to struggle to be relevant. We also need to become more than just media gatekeepers, helping our customers to build and maintain key business relationships that they own (after all, that’s where the real value is).

    Employees and customers should be our customers (and the industry’s) advocates – but that’s not about branded or native content. It needs to be about people sharing their stories with others, rather than about using them as messengers to distribute a company’s message.