Doing It For Themselves: How Leading PR Agencies Stack Up on Their Influence Rankings

Decanoate definition medical PR agencies are in the business of influence. At Creating the Future of PR we thought it would be instructive to look at how well PR agencies do at building their own online influence.

Equipoise testosterone cycle Types of hgh for bodybuilding On our PR Companies Influence Rankings page we have created a regularly-updated analysis of the digital impact of influence of the Twitter and web presences of the major agencies worldwide. An image of the current top 16 agencies is shown below. The methodology used as well as the complete list can be found on the rankings page.

Duking it out at the top, Edelman takes top honors, beating out Ketchum which takes second place. Specialist social media agency We Are Social comes in third place, leading many larger agencies. Testosterone benefits for men Most at the top of the list are no surprise as they represent the world’s largest agencies, however they will no doubt be sparring for boasting rights on their relative placing.

Trenbolone types Interestingly, there are two agencies based in Spain in the top rankings, including Iberian/ Latin American agency Llorente & Cuenca, coming in at #5 and Spain-focused Apple Tree Communications at #10. Even focusing on Spanish and Portuguese content these agencies have been able to beat many English-language agencies, tapping into the social power of this large social ecosystem.

Tri tren 150 results Shift Communications, based in four major US cities, focuses on “data-driven PR”, with their online influence ranking perhaps indicating the success of their approach.

Clenbuterol purchase Other agencies outside the top tier who have outperformed include tech-focused Text100 and entertainment industry agency PMK*BNC, with their specializations likely helping with their influence capabilities. Clenbuterol tablets results The rankings will be regularly updated. So sharpen your social tools and push yourself ahead of your competitors! Clomid side effects pregnancy As a disclaimer, the ranking is certainly not intended to be rigorous, but to bring together some simple data in a transparent way that sheds a little light on how effective agencies are at the game of online influence on their own behalf. See the rankings page for details on the methodology.

Trenbolone acetate with winstrol Let us know any comments or thoughts! Anadrol pulse cycle Boldenone max dosage Image: Luke Palmer

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