Why PR Shouldn’t Fear a Recession

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“In our weekly sale and marketing team meetings, we review leads by channels, like inbound web queries, content, social media, how many leads turned into meetings. We analyze what lead sources work or not. This gives me the ability to make brutal decisions about where to make investments, and where to reduce or stop.

“This level of insight was non-existent at the time of the last recession. The quality of the data I regularly provide to the board basis proves the exact value of marketing and communications.”

Cutting down on marketing and communications is no longer an option during a recessionary period. Organizations would lose the insights and analytics to help improve the business when it needs it most. What operational improvements would be needed to help get an organization through a tough economic period.

If there is a positive we can take from a potential recession this year, it’s that the marketing community need not fear the axe being wielded. We have no excuses to not be confident about delivering and demonstrating business value. Because the data is out there. And all of us bar none have the means to show this to the board, month in, month out, rain or shine.

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Andy Oliver
Global Client Engagement Officer, LEWIS

Andy Oliver is a global communications and marketing leader. He returned to the UK in 2015 after a 16 year round the world trip living and working in the US, Singapore and Hong Kong. He set up the operations of LEWIS in the US, working in San Diego and Los Angeles, and spent six years in Asia. His focus is now on global client service.